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We are distributors of disposables and consumables of Respiratory care, critical care, and anesthisia. Range of products such as Oxygen Mask, Nasal Cannula, Nebulizer Kits, Catheler Mount, Ventilator Circuits, Respiratory Excerciser, etc. to provide globally competent with zero compromises on quality health care solutions.


We are leading manufacturer and exporter for Anesthesia, Critical care & Respiratory care products. Learn about our other products. We endaevor to make these products available to everyone, everywhere.


Oxygen Mask

Oxygen therapy is the administration of Oxygen at a concentration greater than ambient air with the intent of preventing/treating hypoxia. Orig Oxygen Masks are made of high quality medical grade I Non-Toxic PVC and can be provided with fixed or variable oxygen concentration with adjustable nose clip - a perfect adaptation to the patient. Our Mask is adjustable very transparent and soft which helps the patient to be more comfortable and relaxed.

Nasal Cannula

Nasal Cannula is designed for easy administration of Oxygen to a patient in a need of more oxygen and can be customized for patient’s comfort with smooth finish and adjustable nasal tips.two prong nasal tips ensure equal volume of oxygen to both air passage. soft funnel shaped connector facilitates easy connection to oxygen source.Since it is made of high quality medical PVC which makes it non-toxic and pathogen free.

“T” Oxygen Recovery Kit.

“T” Oxygen Recovery Kit is designed for use in recovery for the delivery of Oxygen via the patients 15mm ET connection or Laryngeal Mask

Venturi Kit

Venturi Kit is designed to deliver oxygen concentration to patients on controlled oxygen therapy.allows accurate administration of a variety of oxygen concentrations levels. colour coded valves with marking:24%, 28%, 31%, 35%, 40% and 60% allows the clinician to identify the exact concentration administered from a distance. Flex tube with humidification cup is provide for humidified oxygen delivery if required.

High Concentration Mask

High Concentration Masks are designed for administrating a very high concentration of Oxygen to the patients.Oxygen is provided through a mask having one-way Valve between mask and a bag which serves as a reservoir. The One-way Valve prevents the exhaled air from returning to the bag.

Aerosol Therapy Products

Aerosol Therapy is a type of respiratory treatment administered for patients with respiratory problems. Orig offers a wide range of Nebulizers. It nebulizes in an upright position and horizontal position providing consistent performance. Its anti-spill design reduces loss of medication.

Catheter Mounts

Anesthesia Breathing Systems

Breathing Filters

Orig breathing filters with heat & moisture exchangers are used at the patient end connection of a breathing system to prevent heat and moisture loss. The filters are designed to prevent bacterial/viral cross contamination via breathing system.The use of a breathing filter protects both the patient and the equipment and is cost effective since the ventilator is protected against cross contaminant generated by the patient.

Ventilator circuits

22m adult / 16mm paed. breathing systems

Breathing system are gas pathways linking the patient’s lungs to the mechanical ventilator. It is essential that the breathing system is of highest quality in order to ventilate the patient correctly and efficiently. Orig offers a wide range of breathing circuits.

Spirometers / Lung Exercisers

Spirometer is a breathing exerciser which is a flow-oriented device to indicate the patient’s inspired volume. It can be used to strengthen respiratory muscles and to help restore and maintain lung capacity by encouraging a slow and deep breathing. Helps patient to recover the normal respiration after a chest or abdominal surgery. It encourages deep and prolonged resspiration. The Three Chamber design allows the patient to lift the balls without any resistance to achieve the maximum volume in minimum time & monitoring their development. Dual-Chamber design creates a constant resistance that lifts a ball when patient maintains respiration equal to the selected respiratory flow setting. The small-size design proves economical in maintenance and storage costs

Connectors & Accessories

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